Ancient History

Now a little background history for this world in real life is as such;

This was meant to be a world for a story I was writing a long time ago but never got started for some reason (I probably will in a little bit though). Now when I decided to make my own D&D group, and subsequently my own campaign I realized that this world would be perfect to make it in because all I’d have to do was change a few things around to make D&D fit in here and I’m good to go. I wont mention were I changed anything from it’s original path though seeing how it will be irrelevant to the game.

Now like all worlds, especially fantasy worlds, Alarane started millions of years before the surface races of todays time existed, made by the seventeen gods now known as the Creators. No reason was ever given and throughout the ages and countless theories have come and gone as to why such all powerful beings created the world and everything in it.

What is known however is that the Creators fell into a sort of love with the first inhabitants of the world. The Creators once walked on the very surface of Alarane with the the beings now called Seydniid, ancient for “Blessed Children”.

And then the God Struggle began. For reasons one could only guess the Gods fought. They were split into two sides, one led by Nagarjuom the Creator of Darkfire the other by Gujh the Creator of Stars or Lifefire. The two Gods rallied their kin to them so that each side had eight. Danonis the Dreamer, or the Nothing as he is sometimes reffered to as (You see the other sixteen creators were of a Light or darkness alingment so to speak but Danonis for some reason is neither) took no part in the creation and never went to walk with the Seyniid, and for that reason never felt anything for them.

Not much is known about Danonis other than whats stated above other than that a major part of the Countless Years War was spent on both sides trying to convince Danonis to join them. You see because Danonis was not held to either light or darkness he had no counterpart; whoever had Danonis had an unbeatable advantage.

Because Danonis refused to get involved, in some translations it says that neither faction could rouse Danonis from his slumber, the war was a stalemate and a sort of arrangement was made; The world of Alrane was made off limits to both sides and the Seyniid, who had attempted to help in the war, were to live with the Creators they served. In their place, lesser races were made, dozens, and they were to dwell on the planet for ages.

These creatures were to have two lives one on Alarane and the other with the Creators. The Creator the creatures second life was to be with would be decided by the Grand Judge, the one Seyniid that was not a part of the war, who would view their life and determine whether the soul even gets another life and if it does were they serve.

And then when the well of souls run dry the All War will begin once again only then it will continue until one side is completely destroyed.

Ancient History

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